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Data Visualization


Our Data visualization offerings empower you to more effectively achieve your organization’s goals. We bring together data, systems, and people in a fully-interactive, easy-to-use environment, incorporating shared visualizations of all your data from across your organization.

Presenting the results of your data analysis process, we allow you to amplify your message to the internal (and external) audience, more easily uniting everyone behind a common organizational story.

Our solution-focused teams can help you develop data visualization applications from the ground up delivering a single version of the truth wherever you are and whatever device you are using. So, to discover hidden relationships, patterns, and growth insights.

Our data visualization service offerings include Business Performance Dashboards, Operational Dashboards and Guided Reporting according to your business needs.



Business Performance Dashboards 

A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives; consolidated and arranged on a single screen so the information can be monitored at a glance.” – Stephen Few in “Dashboard Confusion”, Intelligent Enterprise magazine.

Business performance management is essential across all organizations and functions. This necessitates the existence of performance management solutions for inefficiencies management, enhancement of sales performance, a boost in sustainable profitability and in-detail examination of KPIs in every company (such as sales growth, sales target, average revenue per unit, acquisition cost, customer acquisition cost).

Business Performance Dashboards should include the strategic KPIs in a way that accurately depicts the situation without drowning the user in data. We help managers to keep track of the company’s performance and utilize business intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

Our Business Performance Dashboards results that users stay informed at any time about data recorded activities that take place within their structure. Thus, not only do they have control and can supervise thoroughly their internal business processes, but mostly this whole image of activities allows to them take instant reasoned decisions, make data-driven predictions with minimum deviation margin and as a result make the most of the data they have internally.

Our target is to assist companies maintain a high-performance rate with solutions exclusively created for specific needs of each organization.

Operational Dashboards

Operational Dashboards are mostly used for monitoring and analyzing a company’s activities in a given business area. These dashboards are usually focused on alerting about business exceptions and are based usually on real-time data. Operational Dashboards are more of a service to middle-level managers, who implement strategies for tactical execution.

Our Operational Dashboards solutions focus on making operational data universal across an organization. We believe that this is essential for mapping the performance against corporate goals and key performance indicators that have been agreed by management and communicated to all employees. These insights give you powerful business intelligence and can help you analyze ways to manage your business processes more effectively.

We help you instantly connect the multiple data sources you rely on across your organization to ensure your dashboard includes everything that’s most meaningful for your business.

With our solutions users can explore data freely, discovering new information at each step along the way and coming up with the next steps based on that information.

We empower business users with dynamic and interactive applications to visually explore their business data. Instead of static reports that assume which questions will be important ahead of time, we allow business users to easily interact with their data so that they can answer unforeseen questions or dive into new areas of interest.


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Guided Reporting

Reporting needs vary for different business users based on their roles. We develop customized Guided Reports for each user role and support the managers at various levels, ranging from top executive to line managers to increase the control and the competitiveness of decision-making in the organization.

Our reporting solutions enable you to drill down the information to look at results from multiple angles. You can centrally schedule, generate, and deliver custom reports through a variety of channels, including email, save to disk, web and a portal. We ensure the right information reaches the right user at the right time in the right format.

Our services allow you to access and analyze your data on a centralized platform while ensuring that data and application-level security is respected. Improve your time to market, with an efficient workflow that consolidates qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources into one reporting document.

Our BI & Reporting capabilities have the power to transform your enterprise with a data-first approach digitally. With our visually rich Guided Reporting applications, businesses can make better decisions for increased efficiency, productivity, and smoother business operations.

From Guided Reports, end-users can drill-down to more analytical details. Can sort, filter, and drill into data via on-screen controls or by changing their data view. Furthermore, users can drag and drop different components such as tables, pivots, charts, etc. directly into their report. These capabilities make analytics and reporting accessible to anyone.

Data Visualization Extensions

Visualization extensions enable you to extend the visualization capabilities and usage of the Business Intelligence platform by using standard Web technologies. Visualization extensions operates as a plugin mechanism that allows developers to combine the power of the APIs with the almost unlimited capabilities of the Web.

Our Extension’s Library consists of the following offerings


WiTable – Qlik Sense Write Back capability

WiTable is a simple data entry Extension for Qlik Sense that allows users to insert data into a database straight from Qlik Sense Interface.

Designed for a greater Qlik experience. Create a simple, clickable spreadsheet directly in Qlik Sense without any assistance. With WiTable you will be able to comment, plan or enter various additional information about current or new records.

Allows you to:

  • Edit data in the Qlik Sense user interface
  • Create new data
  • Write data back to a database
  • Create your own calculated measures

Various Types of Input:

  • Text
  • Numerical
  • Boolean
  • Date


VizLib – The most comprehensive Library of Qlik Sense’s extensions

With Vizlib’s value-added extension products, you can add smart, customized functions and visualizations making Qlik Sense even more powerful, multifaceted and easier to use. In other words, make up a complete business solution in Qlik Sense. Instead of spending time building and supporting, your focus can be getting more from your data.

Vizlib products consists of the following groups

  • Vizlib library – designed for pixel-perfect dashboards and visual analytics in Qlik Sense
  • Vizlib self-service – designed for ad-hoc data exploration and reporting
  • Vizlib Finance Report – design to deliver unbeatable P&Ls and Balance Sheet reports
  • Vizlib collaboration – design to bring people and data together
  • Vizlib Gantt – built to give you a seamless project planning experience

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