7 Data Integration & Quality Scenarios for Qlik and Talend Solutions
Seven Data Integration and Quality Scenarios for Qlik and Talend Solutions
Friday, 14 July, 2023

By now, we have read the headlines that Qlik's acquisition of Talend is complete. But how does this strategic acquisition expand your capabilities?

Let's see the  7 everyday scenarios of data integration and quality for Qlik and Talend, regardless of a company's size, industry vertical, or geography.

1. Database-to-database Synchronization: This use case is most commonly used to facilitate real-time data for reporting and analytics, real-time data integration, legacy modernization, and cloud data movement.

2. Data Warehouse Modernization: This involves automating the design, deployment, and operation of a cloud data warehouse. Data warehouse automation offers faster time-to-market for new data warehouses, improves data quality, and reduces costs associated with manual administration.

3. Data Lake / Lakehouse Automation: Our Data Lake Automation solutions help you move enterprise data, transform it, and enforce data governance policies to help you build a data lake for your data analytics, machine learning, and AI initiatives.

4. Database-to-Streams/Streams-to-Database (or other destinations): Integrating databases with streaming infrastructures like Apache Kafka or Amazon Kinesis can help organizations gain insights from their dynamic data and respond more quickly to changing business conditions.

5. Data Quality and Governance: Accurate data is essential for accurate data analysis, customer relationship management, risk management, marketing, and financial reporting. Our solutions ensure that your data is of the highest quality and is governed appropriately.

6. API Services & Workflow: APIs are an intermediary layer that helps companies safely expose their application data and functionality to external third-party developers, business partners, and other company departments to encourage collaboration and drive innovation.

7. Operational Data Transformation: This converts raw data into formats that can be used by downstream processes such as electronic data exchange, data science, or analytics.

The Qlik and Talend solutions are highly complementary and can solve more business problems, ensuring that customers always have the data they want whenever needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact WITSIDE if you wish to learn more.


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