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Established in 2015, Tazi builds on over 25 years of Machine Learning (ML) and large-scale systems experience in academia and industry. We believe in ML for All. Our vision is a world in which every human uses ML as a means to make better choices. Shaped by real-life experience with our customers in Insurance, Finance, Retail and Telecoms, Tazi keeps business experts in the driver seat while empowering data science teams.


Our journey for Machine Learning systems and deployments starts all the way from Caltech and MIT. We have worked at the fore-front of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software and system development in major US corporations, for which we are grateful.
With the support of our friends and family, we launched Tazi with the commitment to build the best-ever user-friendly AutoML platform in the market. We are resilient and will not stop until we achieve our objective. Thanks to our team, customers and partners, we are in the right direction.



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